Hi, I'm Lisa

My mission is to help you improve your health by eliminating toxin-filled products from your home. Learn how to cut through the marketing hype and make more informed decisions when buying for your home and family

I am a mother of two teenagers and happily married to a triathlon obsessed husband. We live by the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney surrounded by a fitness and health-obsessed community – and we love it!

All my life I have been interested in holistic health. As an asthmatic child my parents looked far and wide at how they could help me overcome my allergies and be healthier. From a dairy-free diet when the only alternative was goats milk, to teaching me Pranayama breathing exercises which my dad learned from a yogi in India and regular massages to release the mucus in my chest. They didn’t take mainstream approaches. Neither do I.

Health is about how you live, what you do with and to your body every day. It’s also about understanding how your environment affects you and the many ways in which nature and a whole body approach can keep you well. 

Apart from a period in my early twenties when my health wasn’t my priority (I had more important things to do – like socialise!) I can’t remember not visiting regularly naturopaths, chiropractors and integrative doctors. I learned to meditate in my twenties, took numerous yoga classes over the years, detoxed my body and changed my eating habits when we were planning our family.

Now as a parent, and with so much more research and knowledge about how we can stay healthy and age well, I continue to learn and adjust our life with a focus on staying well.

As an avid reader, I always have a pile of health-related books by my bed. I just like to learn, and learning about the latest in health and how to look after my body and my family is my focus. Let’s face it, we need good health in order to live life!

It’s often health issues or illness that brings new knowledge, and apart from being a sick kid, a turning point in my life was having a daughter with health issues. 

When she was young, I was working for Vitamix ( I became obsessed with this super-fast blender- I still am!) and I was lucky to be introduced to some great Australian health advocates who were a wisdom of knowledge on the goodness of whole foods, the issue with processed food and sugars, and the benefits of green smoothies – yes I love them!

Next, I worked for a company that owns an Australia Certifed Organic Beauty range and this added the next layer for me. We worry about our food but what about all the additives and chemicals added to the products we use!

Throughout this time, we started searching for answers for our daughter. Why did she have tummy problems, where did the anxiety come from, and more recently, how can food, supplements, and lifestyle help her manage with the rollercoaster of her teenage years?

And so my journey continues, and this blog was born.

I am worried about the health of our children and believe we all need to make changes for the future health of generations to come.

I want to share with you as a parent what you can do for your health and your family’s health when it comes to the products you buy and use around the house and on your body. 

Family life is busy. We grab what we know or what is easily available when out shopping without considering what’s in it or if there are healthier options you could choose.  I get it but that’s where this website can help. 

I will do the research and empower you with the information in digestible bites so you can start making changes for the health of your family.

Remember too, just like the push for using less single-use plastic, the best way forward is small steps which over time will make a difference.  

Finding products you love that are healthier is a journey (which I am still on), so don’t be overwhelmed, start with the products you use the most and then work your way through.  

As consumers we must push for better regulations on ingredients used in products we put on our skin and use around the home. Where we decide to spend our money makes a difference and sends a clear message so change comes from above.

Be your own natural beauty ambassador. Talk to your family and friends about your discoveries. We need to spread the word!  

Together we can make a difference not just to our health, and our families but the health of future generations and the environment.


PS. As well as writing blogs (yes I have a few) I also love working with small business helping them with their online marketing. Read more HERE.

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