I believe in full transparency when it comes to sharing on the internet, writing my blog and building a community online.

This website and the blog posts I write are very personal to me and they reflect my own discoveries and journey. I am not a trained scientist or doctor but I am passionate about having a better understanding of what we use and how it affects our health. What I offer on this blog is my discoveries and what I have learned by working in the health and beauty industry and my own ongoing education via books, the internet and courses.

On this blog I try beauty products, review them and give my own personal opinion. I include brands I have worked for and products I have been gifted but I will only write about them if I like the products or brands, my family and I use them and I believe they are worthy of talking about. My reviews are my personal opinions – honest and unbiased.

If I decide to receive money to talk about a brand it will only be because I like the brand and I will always indicate that the post is sponsored.

I have decided to become affiliated with some companies and brands I believe in and this means that I will receive monetary compensation through the affiliate links I share.

An affiliate system means that I generate a commission on purchases made from clicking directly from this blog to the online retailer or a brands online store. I share these links via MRECS  on my sidebar, when I mention brands and products in my blog posts and when I review products.

I am currently affiliated with the below online businesses who supply an amazing array of eco-friendly and low-tox products.

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