Six natural beauty travel essentials

Here are my picks for some useful multi-tasking natural beauty products perfect to pack for your travels.

The criteria for my travel make-up bag is a selection of light-weight multi-taskers or products that will just make the plane or car trip a bit more pleasant!

When I talk beauty I am referring to skincare in general. Travelling can mean dehydration and lack of sleep, playing havoc on the body and the skin. These products hydrate and nourish and make you feel good.

They are in small containers, affordable to buy and some I use all the time at home also – of course they are effective and contain only natural low-tox ingredients as well!

  1. RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil Roll On – I use rosehip oil every day but the glass bottle is not so easy (or light) to travel with. This roll-on is a great alternative and handy as it allows for precise application and no oily fingers! Use on skin or hair – helps fade sun spots and scars, nourishes dry ends of hair and gives deep nourishement to the skin naturally.
  2. Hurraw Lip Balms – I love these lip balms and there are so many yummy flavours to choose! Great texture and extra nourishing on the lips. Kids will love too.
  3. Lanolips Tinted Balm – love supporting Australian brands and this company has been around for quite and has a loyal following. I love the texture, smooth and glossy, with a light tint – great to pop on when you want more than just a bit of moisture.
  4. Andalou Natural Color Correct Cream – I love this brand and this face cream plus their other Age-Defying Beauty Balm are great not just as moisturisers but to give a tint of colour and freshness to your complexion. No need for foundation. A two in one!
  5. EO Hand Sanitiser – a hand sanitiser is a must-have for travel but don’t go buying the cheap smelly ones (I explain why HERE). This brand offers a low-tox option with a lovely lavender essential oil fragrance.
  6. Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Oil – I use this spray option of magnesium all the time on areas of my body where I am feeling tight and sore. Magnesium may help with lack of energy, aches, pains, muscle cramps, headaches and insomniaย so perfect to take on your travels to spray where and as you please for that extra boost/help you may need on the body.

I also love to travel with a face mist. I do love the purified water ones like this one from Avene but I also make my own using filtered water and my favourite Doterra Essential Oils. I like to use the citrus oils like Wild Orange, Lemon or Lime as they are refreshing and uplifting.

Share with me in the comment box below what natural beauty items you like to take on your travels?


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